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How WordPress Jetpack Products can help your website grow

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering over 43% of all websites. With its user-friendly interface, vast library of themes and plugins, and active community, it makes starting and running a website easy. However, as your site grows, you may find yourself needing more advanced features and functionality. This is where Jetpack comes in.

Jetpack is a suite of powerful WordPress plugins and tools created by Automattic, the company behind It adds a range of marketing, security, and analytics capabilities to help take your self-hosted WordPress site to the next level. Here are some of the key ways Jetpack can benefit your site and help it grow:

Drive More Traffic

One of the biggest challenges in growing a website is getting found by your target audience. Jetpack includes several features to help improve your site’s visibility and bring in more traffic:

  • Site Accelerator: This uses the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework to optimize your pages for speed. Faster load times improve ranking in search engines and the user experience.
  • Search Engine Optimization tools: Jetpack’s SEO tools let you see search term stats, toggle site visibility to search engines, and integrate with Google Analytics for advanced tracking. Having an SEO strategy is essential for better search rankings.
  • Related Posts: This shows relevant content from your site at the bottom of posts. It helps readers discover more of your content and increases page views.
  • Site Verification Tools: You can easily connect your site with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Pinterest to verify site ownership. This helps improve search presence.
  • Markdown: The simple Markdown formatting makes writing content quicker. This allows you to publish more content, which can increase organic search traffic.
  • Custom Content Types: Creating custom post types beyond just posts and pages lets you tailor content for different purposes. For example, testimonials, portfolios, podcasts, etc.
  • Contact Forms: Jetpack’s forms module provides an easy way to add contact forms. This makes it simple for site visitors to get in touch, increasing leads and conversions.
  • Extra Sidebar Widgets: Additional widgets like Twitter Timeline, Facebook Page Plugin, and others engage users and help drive more traffic from social media.

Enhance User Experience

Beyond just attracting users to your site, you also need to keep them engaged to grow your audience. Jetpack has features to create more compelling, interactive content.

  • Image CDN: Images are optimized and served from the Jetpack global network of servers. This improves speed and performance, especially for mobile users.
  • Carousel: Display multiple images in an engaging, full-screen carousel. Perfect for image galleries, portfolios, and slideshows.
  • Tiled Galleries: Display your image galleries in three different high-quality layouts: square tiles, tiled grid, and a circular tiled grid.
  • High-Speed Videos: Automatically serve video content from the Wistia CDN, improving video load times. Crucial for keeping viewers watching.
  • Comments: The comments feature lets readers actively engage with your content and build community. Moderation tools keep discussions on track.
  • Contact Forms: As mentioned above, contact forms make it easy for visitors to reach you, improving the user experience.
  • Social Media Sharing: Built-in sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and more help your content get seen by more people.
  • Sitemaps: Jetpack can automatically create and submit XML sitemaps of your content to search engines like Google. This helps them properly index your site for better rankings and traffic.
  • Lazy Images: Only images visible on the screen are loaded first, improving page speed while users scroll through posts.
  • Infinite Scroll: Load more content as the user scrolls down rather than traditional pagination. This creates a seamless, engaging experience.
  • Notifications: Commenters can subscribe to receive notifications of future comments so they can keep discussions going.
  • Likes: Readers can Like posts and pages with a single click, helping content get shared more widely.

Enhance Security

Security threats like hackers, bots, malware and DDoS attacks are unfortunately commonplace for websites. Jetpack provides multiple shields of protection:

  • Automatic Updates: Plugins and themes are automatically updated behing the scenes for easy security maintenance. This prevents you from running outdated vulnerable software.
  • Brute Force Protection: Blocks malicious login attempts through brute force attacks.
  • Downtime Monitoring: Get instantly notified if your site goes down for any reason.
  • Secure Authentication: Use the most secure protocols and policies so user accounts stay safe.
  • Activity Log: Any changes made to your site are logged for easy auditing.
  • Malware Scanning: All uploads are scanned for malicious code. Dangerous files are blocked instantly.
  • Sensitive Data Removal: Tools to scrub exif data from images and safely delete old posts for privacy.
  • Site Backups: Quickly restore or export a backup of your entire site in case of data loss or disaster. Critical for business continuity.
  • Spam Filtering: Comments and contact form submissions are checked against Akismet’s global database of spam.
  • DDoS Protection: Leverage added protection against DDoS attacks by’s enterprise-grade networks.

Get Actionable Insights

Understanding your website users and traffic is crucial for informed decisions to fuel growth. Jetpack provides analytics and insights tools:

  • Jetpack Stats: See key site stats like views, likes, comments, top posts, referrers, and more. Integrates beautifully with the WordPress dashboard.
  • Google Analytics: Connect Jetpack with Google Analytics for advanced tracking and analysis of site traffic and engagement.
  • Search Insights: Learn which search queries visitors used to find your site in search engines.
  • Recommended Plugins: Discover new relevant plugins to install based on your site statistics and content.
  • Video Hosting Analytics: Get fully-featured stats on your videos hosted with Jetpack.
  • Social Media Analytics: Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to analyze how traffic from your social channels engages.
  • Activity & Site Heartbeat: Check your site’s overall health and get alerts for suspicious activity harming performance.
  • REST API Access: Allow other applications to securely access site data and statistics. This enables building custom dashboards and analysis.

Monetize Your Site

For business websites, an important part of growth is generating revenue directly from the site. Jetpack empowers you to easily monetize through multiple avenues:

  • Site Monetization: Enable unobtrusive WordAds advertising on your site. You receive a share of ad revenue without added workload.
  • Payment Plugins: Accept payments, donations, and subscriptions with Stripe and PayPal Commerce integrations. Sell products, services, memberships, and more.
  • Shopping Cart: Add the simple Jetpack cart for selling physical goods (requires the PayPal plugin). A full ecommerce solution.
  • Social Media Filters: Gate access to exclusive premium content only to subscribers who connect social media accounts.
  • Video Monetization: Monetize your self-hosted videos through video ads with partners like Google AdSense.
  • Recurring Payments: Use PayPal to accept flexible recurring payment plans – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Great for subscriptions and memberships.

As you can see, Jetpack packs a huge range of features to help take your self-hosted WordPress site to the next level in every area – traffic, security, user experience, insights, and revenue. It’s the ultimate toolkit for WordPress site growth. With over 10 million sites using Jetpack, it’s a proven way to expand your website.

Getting Started with Jetpack

Ready to start using Jetpack to step up your WordPress site? Here is a quick guide to get set up:

  1. Install Jetpack – Go to and search for Jetpack. Click install and activate it on your site. Alternatively, install it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Connect Jetpack to – The plugins connects to to enable extra features. You’ll need to create a free account if you don’t have one. Follow the connection instructions that appear after installing Jetpack.
  3. Activate modules – Once connected, you’ll see a full list of Jetpack modules you can activate. Browse and enable the specific features you need like site stats, comments, SEO tools, image CDN, security scanning, and more.
  4. Configure modules – Certain modules like Search, Social Media, Analytics require additional configuration like connecting accounts and placing widgets. Set these up as needed.
  5. Customize options – Each module has additional settings you can tweak like design, permissions, notifications, data sharing, and performance. Go through and customize as per your preferences.
  6. Set up billing – Some advanced modules like Video Hosting, Premium Content, and real-time backups require a paid Jetpack plan. Plans start from $7/month. Upgrade if needed.
  7. Install extensions – Jetpack’s selection of extensions like Instagram Widget, Mailchimp Subscribe, Calendly Bookings, etc further expand functionality.
  8. Get support – Make use of Jetpack’s stellar documentation plus free and paid support options for any help. There’s also an active community forum.

Following these steps will get your site off the ground with Jetpack. Be sure to regularly check available modules and extensions for new features to further enhance your site over time.

Top Jetpack Modules to Boost Growth

With so many modules available, which ones should you focus on first? Here are 12 of the best Jetpack modules for giving your WordPress site a growth boost:

  • Site Stats – Key for understanding your audience and traffic to guide growth decisions.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Improves search rankings and visibility for sustainable growth.
  • Image CDN – Speeds up images for better user experience.
  • Markdown – Write more content quicker for better search and user engagement.
  • Contact Forms – Allow easy contact by users to drive more leads and sales.
  • Site Verification Tools – Verify your site with search engines and social platforms to improve presence.
  • Google Analytics – Advanced tracking and insights for targeted growth strategies.
  • Site Backups – Crucial for protecting uptime and restoring quickly after disasters.
  • Brute Force Protection – Secure your site against attacks that cripple growth.
  • Malware Scanning – Critical security shield for maintaining a safe site.
  • WordAds – Earn passive revenue by monetizing your site content.
  • Payments – Start selling products, services, memberships directly on your site.

Along with these key modules, enable other features as needed for your own growth goals like slideshows, galleries, social sharing, subscriptions, and more. Explore all the possibilities with Jetpack!

Jetpack truly ushers your self-hosted WordPress site into the big leagues. The wide range of sophisticated marketing, security, analytics, and monetization features help unlock growth in many impact ways – without needing expensive developers.

For established sites, it can provide the enhanced tools needed to scale to the next level. For emerging sites, it accelerates the growth trajectory by letting you start off advanced rather than basic. With a thriving community contributing new features, a secure infrastructure, and polished integration with WordPress, Jetpack delivers proven results.

Give your online presence the advantage of WordPress combined with the growth boost of Jetpack. Your website will thank you!

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